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First snow


I don’t know what is your primary thought when it comes to first snow, but for me is happiness. Winter has come. Everyone has a favorite season and mine is winter, the most expected time of the year.

Reality is so beautiful when you enjoy the wonderful moments like a child. Our thoughts and emotions should be amplified through the experience of every simple thing, we should try to harmonize it with what we get.

Every day we are heading towards a direction, we say that our lives have a meaning but we never complete it fully and it is ok to go in the wrong direction from time to time. Some things fascinate us and some don’t, some we don’t even observe but they continue to exist there and are waiting to be noticed.

Like the first snow.


I wish that all of us would see more of what is behind a simple phenomenon. Our first thought which is “It snows”  proves that there are so many beautiful things that happen.

I read in a book 2 phrases which made me thinking: “Letting go of things,  you will be able to let go of persons too and their faulted principles. You will become extremely adaptable to the exterior things by accepting and receiving it with joy.” and I also wanted to explain them through my own words. Those words say the truth.

win ter1  DSC_0575

This is the way my day at university began. Full of snow if I say so to myself. Perfect. Then, coincidence made that three of my colleagues, photographers , proposed me that we should take advantage of the free hours we had and make some photos.  You might think that an industrial zone does not have much to show but you are wrong. Of course all the magic happened because of the snow.

Only a normal day at university.DSC_0581
Best wishes, CR

*You should check out one of my photographers, Boda Daniel, which is also a blogger, for more interesting photos:


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    • One observation from an old Photographer. Your best facial angle is slightly turned or a side profile. Full front facial does not do you justice. Just an observation and one person’s opinion. I did quite a few model portfolios in my time and have a little experience. Please do not take offense.


  1. The first snow for me is always great. So far, we have not had any snow quite yet. I look forward to seeing my area covered in a blanket of white when it clings to the trees and makes it look like a Winter Wonderland.

    Best wishes to you for a great New Year.


  2. I pity Game of Thrones fans who read “Winter is coming” and get all wary, haha.
    By the way, that cracked/dry lips look in the last photo actually complements the winter theme nicely. … Getting rid of fixed ideas and dogmas and not trying to defy the flow of things has a beauty of its own. Ironically, even when that flexibility of the mind manifests as rigidness like in said photo, heh.

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  3. Beautiful photos and beautiful words, your smiles and enjoyment of the fresh air and country capture a bright spirit about you. The first snow when I was a child meant there was no school, that meant all good things, sleeping in,eating what I wanted to, baking and hearing the fireplace crackle all day after playing in the snow until my limbs where frozen. It meant ski season and activity outside and that is all good.

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  4. Ramona, your blog is absolutely beautiful! I live in Central California, so hardly ever experience snow. I enjoy seeing it through photographs or out the window from a warm and cozy room. But I love your take on it. Thank you for following me at Trigger’s Horse. – Fawn

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  5. Ramona Crisstea, que fotos tan hermosas, yo vivo en Brasil, .¿ puedo trabajar alguna foto para mis clases de Español?, yo te envio como lo hago y pongo el blog tuyo, tu nombre y del fotógrafo. Estoy fascinada con tu trabajo, muy lindo. Te felicito. Soy periodista y Profesora de Español en Brasil, pero soy nativa de Costa Rica.


  6. Ramona,

    This is a beautiful post of you and the thoughts you share. Like you, I like winter quite a lot :).

    All good wishes,



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