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9 Ways to Get Over the Last Season


 To have a great start we must eliminate all doubts and everything what keeps us behind. We must improve our inner self and have only positive thoughts. After all the fuss in the winter and all the things that happened last year we must bring improvements to ourselves.

Spring is such a complex season. We must learn to enjoy Spring as much as possible. Sadly a lot of persons skip to enjoy it and dig themselves in daily problems. The routine seems unchangeable, the stress, worries and the rigidity of the body appear.



It is vital to change all of these by changing the routine and never forget that everything we do is for ourselves!



1.Eat well and healthy

I know, sometimes seems impossible. Always in the hurry you eat whatever you can. But with some small efforts and changes in the groceries we can make a difference. If some products that we buy are not healthy we can replace them with vegetables and fruits. Even the little steps matters.

2.Treat and offer yourself pleasurable moments

This is the only thing that matters, which helps you surpass all the difficulties and recharge your body with energy.

3.Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation creates stress

Even if you think before going to bed is a good idea to watch a movie, it is better to say pass. Why don’t you try to make a habit that when you know is your sleep hour you go to directly to sleep. A tea before the sleep is ideal. Try to go to sleep and wake up at fixed hours. The cycles of sleep take about 90 minutes. If we missed a “train” we must wait for the next one.

ramonacrisstea9 ways

4.Enjoy your meal

Try to avoid noisy restaurants, cooked products and industrial processed foods. Remember that a meal which is taken in a nice environment is much more healthy than a meal taken in poor conditions when the digestion is perturbed and the metabolism slowed.


Allow yourselves from time to time some chocolate, because is rich in magnesium and helps for a better sleep.

6.Don’t forget that…

too much alcohol is disturbing your sleep and diminishes the nocturnal recovery.

7.Do physical activities

Doing regular sport activity is the best remedy for stress. You must do it regularly and in your own limits. Better do 10 minutes of sport every day than an hour a week.


8.Walk in the nature

Walking makes order in your thoughts and helps at solving problems. Also don’t forget to walk near a water, where the air is more ionized.

9.Yawn, laugh and never take life too seriously

ramonacrisstearamonacrisstea ramonacrisstea

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


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  1. Great set of photos! Nice to see the flowers in bloom too. We need more of those kind of trees here in Florida! Warm weather trees are boring trees! Maybe it is the lack of adversity?
    Enjoy your weekend!

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  2. It’s one thing to be told these things, and quite another to see someone looking like they have surrendered themselves completely to the benefits of living them. Thanks!

    BTW – is this one of your new creations? It looks like a real “shoulders back” construction, but seems to stay where it belongs as you bring them forward. How long did it take you to get that right?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Really like the colors in these pics. If photos can be called fragrant, these are. 🙂
    Also like the quote by Beecher, but not the kind of sentiment I would usually associate with him. He was a leading Abolitionist (of slavery) before the American Civil War and an early feminist after. His sister wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a pre-Civil War novel that depicted the horrors of slavery and was a huge bestseller at that time.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Glad you enjoyed. I’m something of a student of American history, so I knew about Beecher. I always like your posts. Your sense of style is impeccable. I think I’ve said that before. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Ramona, thank you for liking my post ‘The Distraction of Attraction’! I’ll try not to let your beauty distract me from my journey with God, although God did a marvelous job in your creation!!!

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  5. Very nice blog, I enjoyed you tips too, and the Cherry Blossoms, what a nice touch, for all you pictures, yes Spring is a Beautiful Season…enjoyed your post, and thanks for stopping by. I am impressed, with your creativity both in your writing and in your photos. Have a blessed Sunday.

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  6. What an absolutely stunning, exquisite, helpful, full of good natural advice and wisdom…Blog! The flowers are simply gorgeous as are you. What a lovely positive post. Keep shining and inspiring and thank you, I liking forward to reading lots more.

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  7. How simple yet how beautiful your writing is and the pictures so pretty! I’m cooped up in the house all day, rarely step out, don’t get enough sun and air, I’m inspired to go out there, to breathe deep, to take a walk. Thank you.

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  8. The post is really mesmerizing ! You’re a complete blogger… It’s true that we ought to spend some time in nature and admire its beauty. You are looking breathtaking as usual. I hope that you might like my blogs as well.
    best wishes, Aditi 🙂

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  9. Ramona!!! So much here with your posts about spring & the change of season! #1 You ARE so beautiful as I suspected from your small photo & now seeing you here with such beautiful photos & blossoms!!! Then your advice for a better life in short form & then elaboration! Excellent! It really will help me personally. AND, congratulations on the MANY awards, I can tell well deserved!!! Finally, I cast my vote fro you….waiting for the return email! And it looks like Hungary is your country!!! Very nice. And a pleasure to meet you. I am now “Following.” Phil from


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