Too many things

Ramona Crisstea - Too many things 3

Ramona Crisstea - Too many things 2

Every one of us, during our life, carry a consistent luggage, sometimes excessive. Here you can find a very good question. Why are we so attached to our own luggage?

There are so many people for whom their wealth is a reflection of their life and existence. We get to associate our own image and identity with the things we own. It is said that the more you own the more fulfilled and safe you feel, but actually is wrong because the will to have an object so that you can use it is replaced by the will to have only an object. And because of that we get to accumulate a luggage of things and objects that we don’t even use.

Ramona Crisstea - Too many thingsRamona Crisstea - Too many things 7Ramona

In my opinion we should not let ourselves get weighted by our possesions and become some lifeless beings. Instead we should start thinking and analyze the things that are useful for us and get rid of the unnecessary ones.

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We must simplify ourselves. This thing can be so difficult, I know, because it is so hard to let go of your memories but if we don’t do that you will forget about the present moment. After some years when you get to accumulate so many things you can’t make a difference from the things you want and the ones you don’t and because of that letting go can be hard. But when you let go and simplify your life everything becomes more beautiful and easy.

Ramona Crisstea - Too many things 1

What I wore:

Sweater, Skirt, Boots – Zara

Watch – Balber

 Coat – Handmade

Ramona Crisstea - Too many things 4

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


85 thoughts on “Too many things

  1. An act that is just as difficult is not being tempted to constantly wanting the newest thing. Sure, somethings are helpful and are needed.But when you own one thing that functions perfectly; sometimes you just have to be satisfied with what you have.

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  2. Ramona, I love the layout of your blog! The floating pages and the underlying artwork! Very visually appealing. Congratulations as well on your awards. I find your mix of thought provoking text and fashion photography interesting.

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  3. Completely elegant, and good thoughts shared. Thinking minimal: I cherish a memory of the outfit my previous wife sometimes wore on our Fri. date nights. Long sleeve plaid shirt, sleeves rolled up,( slender muscular tan arms) perfect fit blue jeans, and brown work boots over ten years old.

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  4. Hey Ramona,
    I saw that you followed me on my blog- thank you!!!-and had to come and check out yours! I absolutely love your amazing style and encouraging words. We need more bloggers like you! Come visit me sometime at!

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  5. First up, many thanks for following my blog, something which brought me to this wonderful blog of yours. I have to say that I started having a feeling while reading your post that you are a very confident person, and when the images loaded, I must say I was blown away. You have a great fashion sense and look fabulously gorgeous. 🙂

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  6. BONSOIR gentille RAMONA

    Mon petit passage du soir
    Ce soir dans le ciel
    Une étoile est née
    Pour illuminer ta soirée
    Lentement elle s’est déplacée
    Et chez toi elle va s’arrêter
    Pour t’éclairer et réchauffer ton coeur
    En laissant une étincelle de bonheur

    Bonne soirée suivie d une douce nuit

    Gros bisous


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  7. Love your outfit!! Was the coat handmade by someone or is that a brand? LOL Sorry, I am not good at knowing that. You have relayed such a lovely and simple message; it is not about what we possess, but about who we are that gives us value:)

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