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Ramona Crisstea blog - Wolford


I tend to believe that simplicity is the perfect union between what is beautiful and what is practical and right. One of the things that I managed to associate myself with this season are the turtlenecks, either as sweaters in different colors or even as dresses. I find them very practical and warm, making the turtlenecks perfect for this season. Moreover you can put your silhouette in evidence and it offers you a certain elegance.

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This winter I am counting on turtlenecks. In the days when I find it too hard to choose something from the wardrobe, turtlenecks are the best choice. Those are quality clothes and quality will always give grace and beauty to its surroundings. In this post I am wearing a black Wolford turtleneck dress. Being black you can always accessorize it with anything that is available. This dress offers you a special kind of simplicity and allows me to accessorize it in many ways, from changing the shoes, to wearing it in the summer. It is perfect for any season. Maybe this is why I have chosen this item for this season. I recommend it with pleasure.

You can forget about the mornings lost in front of your wardrobe!

โ™ฅRamona Crisstea blog - Wolford 1

What I wore:

Turtleneck dress : HERE

Skarf,Boots : Zara

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


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  1. That’s good advice. Along the lines of: Why try and find a black-and-white dress when you can just wear black and add something white to it? – It also gives more potential flexibility and motivates to experiment to get exactly the look one feels like. Builds a mind of more of a leader, less a follower. More creator, less consumer. I.e. self-empowerment.


  2. Bonjour RAMONA

    Je ne suis pas tous les jours prรฉsent

    Mais mon
    Amitiรฉ partagรฉ est une douceur
    Qui apaise le cล“ur
    Mon amitiรฉ est une tendresse
    Comme on reรงoit une caresse
    Mon amitiรฉ est du bonheur
    Ce bonheur je te le partage avec mon cล“ur
    Et je te fais une grande place d’honneur
    Mon amitiรฉ est un plaisir
    Comme si c’รฉtait mon sourire
    J’aime te dire merci pour ta confiance
    Belle et douce journรฉe
    Belle semaine
    Bernard ,,,, bisous


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