Our surprise

Ramona Crisstea Renard watchRamona Crisstea-Renard watch

Short story about Yesterday!

Probably we all spend beautiful days with our loved ones, creating unforgettable memories. However there are days when we forget to give love to the ones near us, love that they deserve. For those days that we forgot to be there, to say the right things is this V-Day. We must forget about everything and only love the person we care for the most, to show them our love and surprise them. We are humans we we like to be surprised. This is one of the main reasons why I love to celebrate this day with the person I love the most.

Renard love Ramona CrissteaRamona Crisstea blog - Renard

This is the person who wishes to stop time and be together forever. And what could be more beautiful than a symbolic watch, a present which reminds us about the time we spent together and our future moments.


Ramona Crisstea - Renard

Because it goes beyond the craze of the day, month or year, we have chosen Renard. It surpasses hypes and defies decades. The course of the time will never stand still. However, truly great designs will always be contemporary and will always contemplate the love.

Ramona CrissteaRamona Crisstea-RenardRamona Crisstea - Our surprise




Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


29 thoughts on “Our surprise

  1. Hi Ramona,
    Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you for liking my new music piece, Transformation: Earth Theme 🙂


  2. Romana thanks for visiting my blog. I am so happy because I used to check your blog out earlier before I thought of having a blog myself. Thanks again. It means a lot.


  3. Lovely photos and a great post! Lots of people complain about the commercial side of Valentine’s Day but there’s nothing wrong with spoiling the one you love as far as I’m concerned! Hope you had a great day ✌️


  4. Crisstea, thanks for visiting and leaving a like on my “Spring Swing.” I have enjoyed my return to your site. Your pictures are beautiful. I wish you all the good. Come again any time.


  5. Lovely photos and sentiments!
    Thanks for liking my blog. My e-book At Eden’s Gate Whole Health and Well-Being
    should be available soon.
    Here’s To Your Health!


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