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Empty your mind

Ramona CrissteaRamona Crisstea - Empty your mins

When you know that everything is possible you must feel it. We must visualize every goal that we want to achieve and believe in it. The more we believe, the closer we are to the fulfilment of it.

Every choice we make must be well analyzed because it can both get us closer or farther from our target. We must believe in our purpose as much as possible and along the road never divert from it. Because of that, from time to time we must empty our minds and re-visualize the goal. Every single one of us has a purpose in life. Every day we create a path leading us to the ultimate goal. Take a minute and remember yourself what you want to achieve.

The photos were taken at the altitude of 1200, at Pasul Tihuta Romania.



Best wishes,Β ramonacrisstea


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  1. Anything is possible with will, drive, determination and dedication. Dreams need to have a deadline, and setting goals is about executing a plan to make them come true. Wonderful photos and inspirational post.


  2. Well, Ramona, after ten minutes figuring out what it is about these images, and concluding that it’s the way the light limns you while you make earth of the barren ground – and then wishing to know whether the your light-filled hair is catching these thoughts that you write or the wind is carrying them outwards, all that remains to offer is that all women should be encouraged to express themselves as you do.
    And there’s nothing that turns my brains to mush like the delicate contours of shoulders. Sorry if that’s not the “emptiness” you were talking about.


  3. Nice and beautiful photos! Thank you for following and liking my posts. Appreciate it a lot. Just wondering, what can I do to have as much followers like you?


  4. Hi! I really like your blog and I wonder if I can make an interview with you for my blog



  5. Ramona? Simply? You are beautiful inside & out! In my heart? That’s exactly what has happened to me–emptied my mind, only? It’s easily said than done but? Though the circumstances are different? It happened to you. It happened to me as well. I am glad you are following. I’m doing likewise because? Sooner or later the power of love from on high shall enhance our experience by our meeting for sure! πŸ™‚


  6. I have the exact same thing to say as Raygacy above, and the exact same question: “Nice and beautiful photos! Thank you for following and liking my posts. Appreciate it a lot. Just wondering, what can I do to have as much followers like you?” πŸ™‚


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