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Embrace nature

Ramona Crisstea - Embrace nature

All of us can be compared with a raw, unpolished diamond. The more we polish ourselves the more sparky, pure and eye-catching we become. We must always do our best and aim to perfection. Using this technique you can lengthen your life.

Do everything you love and never stop searching for new ideas and reasons to be happy. Embrace nature.

Ramona Crisstea

My advice is as honest as possible. Decide your own fate. Plan your time, trips and create your own style because every one of us owns the necessary imagination to do this. Tie yourself to a potential future, rather than a past. You can become your own happiness creator just by the way you see and interpret reality.

I wore a fringe dress designed by me.


Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


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  1. Hi Ramona, I love the outfit! In a past life, which seems to have returned very swiftly recently, I was a fashion photographer. I must say that your designs are inspired, and have that timeless chic that is rare in designers today. Beautiful words and images!

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  2. You have some beautiful images and a colorful background. Your words were inspiring and positive. The dress was gorgeous! I don’t know anything about fashion, but maybe being barefoot would embrace the nature side of the post without losing any of the beauty in clothing. Just a thought! Cheers to positivity!
    I also meant to thank you for the follow! Sorry for the late comment.
    Happpy writing, reading, and designing! -Author S


  3. Nature has so much we can learn from. I love your analogy in this post to the unpolished diamond – spending time polishing the diamond to reveal it’s magical sparkle… Thanks for liking my post 4 lessons from nature.. Have a beautiful day! x


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