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Summer look

Ramona-Crisstea-summer-look-street-style - CopyRamona-Crisstea-blogger-summer-look

Finally summer. Everything is so nice but when it comes to spend a few hours in the city is quite hard due to the hot weather and because of this, choosing an outfit can be a challenge. I thought that this summer I will embrace as much as possible the vaporous dresses and skirts. To enjoy the weather not to hate it.


Did you think what will you be wearing this summer?

Probably you prefer making your decisions across the summer however, because of this you will experience these days that you don’t want to leave your house and it is a pity to loose these days. Make a plan. What would you like to wear this summer? What makes you feel very loose? Start now, from the beginning of summer to search for these clothes to have a wonderful summer season.

Summer-look-Ramona-crisstea-blogger - CopyRamona-Crisstea-street-style - CopyRamona-Crisstea-jadu-summer-look - Copy



Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


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  1. completely adore your blog! you are so beautiful, i love the pictures the words, everything! followed and just about to find you on bloglovin’ and follow you there too haha xo


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