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Simple day

Ramona Crisstea Simple day - Ramona Crisstea

It did not pass too much time since a new member joined our family and I wanted to take him out for a walk and spend with him as much time as possible. I was pleasantly surprised by its intelligence. He walks so beautifully by my side and is very obedient. As you can see in the pictures I am talking about my new dog Raj, a seven week old german shepherd. ♥

Ramona Crisstea - Simple day Details-Ramona-Crisstea-Raj Ramona-Crisstea-simple-day Details-Ramona Crisstea

I couldn’t help it and I wanted to take some photos with him. I was amazed by his behavior during the photo shoot. Even if a lot of people were walking he was very attentive and wasn’t distracted at all.

I spent my day with Raj wearing a loose dress from Zaful. That dress is perfect for the hot summer days. It can also be worn at different events and can be accessorized in various ways. I loved it so much that the following days I never stopped wearing the dress.


Dress – HERE


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  1. I’m not sure which looks more comfortable, the dog or the dress, but in any case, the dog makes a great accessory to go with the relaxed style of the dress.

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  2. The shoes look very uncomfortable for walking any great distance, but as a pup Raj doesn’t need to go so far yet. As Raj grows he will need longer walks, so I recommend getting some sport shoes and a rucksack to keep water in for you both, with a bowl to pour the water in for Raj. How lovely for you both to develop your friendship for each other. If you play your cards right with kindness, Raj will be so loving and loyal.

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      • What I recommend is to use a washed up vegan icecream container for a lightweight bowl for Raj. A) You get to try out some yummy icecream. B) So that once Raj has finished drinking, you can pour out the excess water, reseal the box and place it back into the rucksack.


  3. I”m not a dog person myself, but I definitely understand that special connection with a new furry family member. That and you both look very happy together.


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