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Summer story

Ramona CrissteaRamona-Crisstea-bloggerRamona Crisstea -Zaful swimsuit

Each one of us encounter different problems when we stay to much in the sun and we start using lotions in order to tan more and enjoy every single day of our vacation. However, for me is a bit different. Even though I enjoy staying in the sun, when I burn my skin I prefer just to hide it and let it heal. For example, I always manage to burn the skin from my shoulders and I believe that is the most critical area for everyone else.

Ramona Crisstea - The seaRamona Crisstea detailsRamona-Crisstea-the-black-sea

I like to enjoy every moment and wear something loose, but sometimes I want to wear something different. I don’t always wear all the loose dresses and beach scarfs but a nice shirt. This way I can continue to enjoy my vacation by protecting the shoulders from the sun rays. Having with me a blue swimsuit from Zaful, it fit perfectly with the shirt. Everything went perfect and the second day, when my skin began to heal, I managed to tan beautifully for the rest of my vacation.


What I wore:

Swimsuit – Here

Best wishes,Β ramonacrisstea


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  1. It’s always hard to get those shoulders when you’re putting on the lotion yourself. Helps to have a friend or family member willing to help out. My wife usually handles that the few times I put on sunblock.

    You look fantastic in the tied shirt. I love that look. My wife does the same thing.

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