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Roadtrip #Sighisoara


One of the important cities and with a beautiful history is Sighisoara, the city with a wonderful medieval citadel full of nice people. I had such an amazing view from the top of the citadel and every time I go on a road trip in my country, Sighisoara is always on my check list. It is so nice that you will find tourists from all over the world, that come to visit and discover it’s history. This was my second city that I visited this road trip.

I can say that here I have one of the most beautiful memories as a cheerleader along with my former squad. The best way to relieve those memories is to see again the places that are dear to you.

Soon I will enumerate every location that has a place in my heart from this road trip and I urge you to go and visit, or revisit your country. ♥

ramona-crisstea-2 ramona-crisstea-5 ramona-crisstea-8 ramona-crisstea-6 ramona-crisstea-3

What I wore:

Skirt – HERE

Blouse – HERE

Heels – HERE

Bag – HERE

Hat – HERE

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


25 thoughts on “Roadtrip #Sighisoara Leave a comment

  1. This is the only fashion blog I follow, and after seeing your genuine smile in video I know I will continue to follow. Such beautiful people and places! Thank you for taking me on your roadtrip!


  2. What a wonderful ambassador for Romania you are. I love taking these couchside trips your blog provides. Although my paternal grandmother’s family came from Romania, I’ve never been there. Your blog is like connecting to my roots. I enjoy that so much. Thank you, and please continue.


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