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Roadtrip #CantacuzinoCastle


I can say that the colour that I wear the least is white. As I already got you used with my all black outfits I thought that I should try this kind of outfit. Guess what, I loved adding as many white pieces this season. Even though every season has a specific colour I like to take a personal approach and try what feels right for me.

This was the third castle that I visited during my road trip and I realized that I need a new approach, different from black. I did not regret my choice and even though I was close to the mountain, the weather was by my side and the sun spoiled me with its warm rays.

I thought a lot if I should do or not this vacation because as I already told you in my previous posts I visited some of the places. However, I saw a motivational video that urged me to enjoy all the things in our lives, take every opportunity and be grateful for everything.

Β In conclusion every trip from our life can become a beautiful, memorable lesson with wonderful memories.

ramona-crisstea-1Β ramona-crisstea-2 ramona-crisstea-3

What I wore:

Skirt – HERE

Blouse – HERE

Watch – HERE

Blazer – HERE

Earrings – HERE

Heels – HERE

Best wishes,Β ramonacrisstea


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  1. Going with your intuition, with respect to colour, has turned out to be a lovely aspect of your posts. This one is no exception. That the castle grounds have a swing reminds me of the mazes, in the forest at Versailles- something to delight the children- of all ages!


  2. Nice blog… Just started my fashion blog lyk 2 months ago and i do find your blog inspiring. Thanks for following. And please help support me by reblogging a few of my post. Thank you.


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