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Learn to laugh more


I wanted to approach a new subject in this post that is different from the usual tips for dressing. I wanted to talk about something that is related to happiness and that is laughter. Through laughter we express out joy.


Concentrate on the present moment because it is rich enough. Try to tell yourself that nothing is permanent, even the worries and unhappy moments. In addition to that remember that laughter is essential. The laughter can lit us from inside and help get through a rough day.

You can take out of the wardrobe the most unconventional clothes and wear them. Moreover smile while doing so and get out of anonymity. You will see how everyone notices you and that is a good thing. This little thing can be on your list that makes you happy and remember to be grateful and joyful every day.

ramona-crisstea-1cluj-ramona-crisstearamona-crisstea-2 ramona-crisstea-6ramona-crisstea-lambretta-watch

Photo credit: @lepikteur

Wat I wore:

Watch – Lambretta

Vest – HERE

Blouse – HERE

Sunglasses – HERE

Jeans – HERE


Shoes – HERE

Tights – HERE

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


29 thoughts on “Learn to laugh more Leave a comment

  1. Greetings,
    What a great post! You can dramatically improve not only your own life but the lives of others…just by smiling :).
    You are lovely in these pictures.


  2. That is truly beautiful! Laughter is the greatest medicine. Even when one is sad, a little bit of laughter can lift up the mood 😊 P.S. Love your outfit as always ❤️

    If possible, check out my blog too-


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