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Some time has passed since I last walked the streets of Budapest and it will always be a pleasure. I can say that Budapest is one of my favourite cities. Everytime there is something new to visit or see no matter how many times you come back.


It seems that before the holidays I had a little inspiration and obsession about the bell sleeves. I started making jeans, blauses, dresses and even a coat with bell sleeves. I had an attraction towards them. I believe that this year, the bells sleeves will be omnipresent in the fashion world as I already told you in my previous posts.


I hope you will enjoy this look, and I intend in the future to create as many unique pieces as possible. If you plan a future trip, please take into consideration Budapest. I believe that it is a beautiful capital, no matter the season. I guarantee that you will have a lot of touristic attractions to visit.


What I wore:

Jeans and bell sleeve blouse designed by me

Shoes and bag from Zara

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


Bell sleeve dress – a must

ramona-crisstea-bell-sleeve-dress-1 ramona-crisstea-bell-sleeve-dress

\While I was at home I thought that I should start sewing again. So, last year I went to Bistrita, where I get my materials in order to create some pieces for my vacation in Vienna. Somehow, I only managed to finish one dress because I was very busy with the University projects. However, this dress was very comfortable and I liked it a lot. The dress was more than perfect for Vienna streets and especially the gardens of Schonbrunn.

By the way, did you know that this year the bell sleeves dresses and blouses are a must?


It seems that my obsession, that I will talk about in my future posts, about how I started to create, from coats to dresses with bell sleeves, became a must this year. I am very happy about that and I even encourage you to give them a try. Probably I will make a small tutorial on how you can create your own bell sleeve blouse, because I am sure these pieces will have very high prices in the stores this year.

ramona-crisstea-bell-sleeve-dress-6 ramona-crisstea-bell-sleeve-dress-3

What I wore:

Dress – Designed by me

Boots –HERE

Dress – Wolford

Bag – HERE

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea



A perfect gift


After so many evens that happened lately I tried my best to be on time with my posts. In addition to that, after a wonderful Christmas spent in Vienna and Budapest I have so much to share with you. Firstly I want to start with a new present that I got and which made me create an entire unique outfit that contains some pieces that I have never tried such as straight pink jeans. Which is the present you wonder? Well it is a Christian Paul Watch.

ramona-crisstea-3 ramona-crisstea-2ramona-crisstea

I wished for this watch for a very long time and I started to really love this brand. Christian Paul Watches is a brand that has an exponential growth and offers its customers classic and simplistic watches. What I love the most is how you can use a watch for different events and look fabulous. I have chosen a watch form the Marble Wrist Watches Collection which offers a range of classic watches with a minimalistic design that will always catch your eye.


I know that you can’t wait to wear your new presents for the New Year Party and I thought why shouldn’t you enjoy something beautiful and unique. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and stay close for my future post from my holiday.


In addition to that you can always spoil yourself with a new Christian Paul watch no matter if you would wear it at the New Years Eve party or on a normal day.

Christian Paul Watches – HERE

Happy Holidays!

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea